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 Lash Extensions


Classic Lash Extensions - Full Set

With our 1 : 1 (extension to natural lash) application a Classic set is the perfect look for someone that is wanting to enhance, but not add too much drama to their look. 

Don't wear much make-up, but want a little something? Classics are probably just what you are looking for. 

We always recommend our classic set if you are new to lashes since they are the perfect starter set to get used to having extensions & are the easiest to maintain. 



 Volume Lash Extensions - Full Set 

If you are looking for all the drama.. we have just what you are looking for!

Well, in the lash department at least! 

Our Volume Lash Extensions are 100% completely hand-made fans that are created, just for you, by our Licensed & Certified Lash Artists.

Volume Lashes are the perfect match for someone who wants a BOLD look that leaves their "fans" with something to talk about.

We LOVE this look on our brides & bridesmaids that want that "strip lash" look without all the fuss that comes with temporary strip lashes. 



Hybrid Lash Extensions - Full Set

A perfect blend of our beloved classic extensions & our delicately handmade volumizing fans. This set is the next step up from our classic set and is perfect for someone who wants that extra "fluff".

With this set we are able to achieve just the right amount of fullness without sacrificing texture. This set is versatile and completely customizable to every client. Because of the way it is created, we are able to do several looks.

Want a "fuller" set with texture? A "spikey" look?  How about a more natural, "softer" classic set that draws attention to the eye, but still leaves them all questioning...

"Are those your real lashes?" 



Mega Volume Lash Extensions - Full Set 

When it comes to lashes, being a little "extra" isn't just a word; it's a whole vibe! 

Our MEGA Volume Lash Extensions are created using fans made from ultra-fine individual lashes and can range anywhere from 8D-12D.

Are you a fan of cluster lashes? 

Well, Mega Volume Lashes are similar to cluster lashes in design, but are created and applied, by a trained lash specialist, to each individual natural lash making them a far healthier option for those seeking FULLNESS AND DENSITY! 

Please note:

Clients seeking this lash style MUST have healthy natural lashes! Proper maintenance is critical and touch-ups are required every 2- weeks!

No Exceptions!


Lash Touch-Ups

To protect the integrity of our work & for liability reasons, we do not do fills on lashes that are created by other artists outside of LUSH Aesthetics Lash & Hair Studio.


We are always happy to remove old lashes or problematic sets on new clients & replace with new Full Sets after a thorough consultation with one of our experienced lash artists.

We reserve the right to refuse removal and replacement based on the condition of the natural lashes.

Other recommendations may be made with the best intentions for the health of the clients natural lashes in mind. 

2 Week     $70+
3 Week     $90+
2 Week     $85+
3 Week     $100+

2 Week     $90+
3 Week     $115+

2 Week     $115+




A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book ALL Full Sets.

The deposit amount is credited to your final balance the day of your service.

The amount of the deposit will be based off the Full Set price for the style being booked. 

**Since our lash appointments are time sensitive and booked accordingly, once a style is booked, if changes need to be made, it must be approved by the artist prior to the appointment time.

If a classic is booked, you can not change to a volume due to time constraints unless the artist approves the change in advance.

 Touch-ups are recommended every 2-3 weeks to maintain healthy, full lashes. Touch-up prices are based on 14 day (2 week) and 21 day (3 week) increments. 

Due to natural growth patterns, all touch-ups booked outside of 3 weeks (21 Days) will be charged for a new set. 

Must have 50% of extensions remaining at time of scheduled appointment to qualify for appropriated fill price for appointment scheduled.

Clients that require additional time or need more than a standard fill may be subject to additional charges.


We respectively ask that clients give their artist a 24 hour notice that they may require additional time for their service. 

Other Lash & Brow Services

Lash Lift                                                                           $  85

Lash Lift with lash tint                                           $105

Eyebrow Tinting​

Eyelash Tint

Henna Brow Tinting*

 *( All Brow services include a full brow map, shaping/wax. )




Lash Removal                                                                  $30+
 * (Lash Removal includes a thorough cleansing of the lash line, lid & surrounding eye area and a soothing eye serum is applied after to rehydrate the eye area.)


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